Shut Down, Jump In

Released 2016
Released 2016
Debut solo album from the renown Atlanta singer and multi-instrumentalist. Becky serves up an eclectic, beautiful, and often rocking group of original songs that will tear your heart out and feed it with a spoon.
Becky Shaw is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Decatur, Georgia. She is currently a member of Roxie Watson, an alterna-grass/Americana band based in Atlanta, and Susi French Connection, the locally infamous 70's cover band also based in Atlanta. As a member of numerous musical groups over the past 25 years, she has performed on many renowned stages, including Eddie's Attic in Decatur, The Variety Playhouse, Steve's Live Music, Red Clay Theatre, Smith's Old Bar, 40 Watt in Athens, The Blue Ridge Community Theatre, The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, New York's CBGB's, The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End, The Pier in Seattle, The National in Richmond, VA, and many others. Playing a broad spectrum of musical instruments including guitar, drums, harmonica, flute, piano, accordion, lap steel & ukulele, Becky considers her primary instrument to be her voice, which has been described as "clear as a bell, rich and haunting."

Growing up in the Northwest - in Seattle and a little town in Idaho - Becky's musical roots are deeply tapped into Americana music, classical and old country gospel. Her love of singing began at a very early age, influenced by her parents who are both musicians, as well as her entire extended family, and her love of singers like Karen Carpenter & Patsy Cline. But once she got her very own transister radio in about 1972 and discovered top 40 radio, she took to rock and roll and never turned back! Her previous bands have ranged from her early folk group "Mother Daughter Banquet," to the art rock of "Reversing Hour," various rock combinations with Atlanta pals Michael Lorant & Sheila Doyle of Big Fish Ensemble, Gerard McHugh, Chris McGuire, Kristen Hall, Simone Simonton and others. She was the drummer in the edgy, punk-inspired rock trio STB with friends Sonia Tetlow & Lee Kennedy, and played keyboards with Atlanta singer-songwriter Paul Melancon. Her current band, Roxie Watson, celebrated their third album at Variety Playhouse this year, and frequently performs in theaters and clubs throughout the southeast. Becky also continues to sing & play flute & percussion in the 70's cover band, Susi French Connection, of which she has been a member since the birth of the band in 2000.

Although this will be Becky's first solo record, she has performed as a guest singer or instrumentalist on numerous recordings with other artists. Her haunting song, "Wounded Knee," performed by Reversing Hour, was chosen as part of the compilation "Honor - A Benefit for the Honor the Earth Campaign" released by Daemon Records in the mid-90’s. As a member of several bands over the years, she has recorded a number of full-length albums, including:

Life Without Television - Reversing Hour
Spit - STB
Swerve - STB
True Stories - Roxie Watson
Of Milestones & Moon Pie - Roxie Watson
Songs From Hell's Hollow - Roxie Watson

Becky loves to perform, and continues to write songs whenever her muse decides to come around to her house in Decatur, GA.